Welcome to Elmhurst FC!  Our mission is to promote a fun and safe environment for players to learn and play soccer by developing their skills, fitness, teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship.  All coaches and staff are passionate for the success of the players emotionally and physically.  Most important our goal is for the players to have FUN and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Player Development

Learning soccer is a development process for children.  As children grow physically and mentally, their knowledge and understanding of foot skills, passing, attacking and tactics grow every season. 


There are 4 components of soccer for player development:  Psychology, Fitness, Technical and Tactical.  

Ages 8 to 9:  Focus on technical skills and psychological activities to promote a positive environment.  Ball possession and balance/coordination exercises are emphasized.

Ages 10 to 14:  Focus on decision making with positive reinforcement with correction. Players begin to learn more on offensive and defensive tactics.

Ages 15 to 18:  Ball skill at different positions. Fitness training becomes more intense. Training focus is now on team tactics.